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Sheboygan River Diversion

Service: Sheeting/Cofferdams

Location: Sheboygan River; City of Sheboygan, WI.

Date: Summer 2011

Project Details: Installed and extracted a total of 540 feet of PZC 18 sheet piling to divert the Sheboygan River around an environmental remediation project. 35 foot sheet piles were driven to bedrock refusal using a Manitowoc 3000W crane with a MKT V-17 hammer. Pile driving equipment was staged on our 40’x70′ sectional barge; sheet pile materials were staged on our 30’x120′ ABS barge, and support equipment was delivered on our 40’x48′ sectional barge. This project was on a very tight schedule and was completed before the contracted completion date. Shallow water depths, low bridge clearance, weather, and public river usage created daily challenges for the crew, but knowledge and experience once again allowed them to complete the project and resulted in another satisfied client.